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We'll help you become familiar with what to expect on GRE Test Day with our free, online practice test options so you can raise your confidence — and your score.

If you decide to take a course with us, we can use your performance on the practice test to power our adaptive learning technology — Smart Reports™ — and make customized recommendations to help you make the most of your study time.

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After completing the online exam, you'll have a much better sense of:

  • What taking a timed GRE is like
  • The question types you will encounter on the test
  • How to pace yourself throughout the exam
  • Which areas you'll need to focus on while planning out the rest of your GRE prep
  • How you would score if you took the GRE today!

Hint: You'll need approximately four hours to complete this free, online GRE practice test. You should take it in a quiet place where you'll have a consistent internet connection and no interruptions. Remember, no matter how you score on your free practice exam, use what you learn as a starting point for informing the rest of your GRE prep plan. We're here to help guide you — through the practice test and beyond.

Take a self-proctored or schedule a live online instructor-proctored practice test.

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Self-Proctored with Video Review

Take a full-length, realistic practice test for the GRE anytime, at your convenience

Receive a detailed score analysis, answers and explanations for up to 18 sample questions through video instruction by expert faculty

Get a taste of our exclusive adaptive learning technology — Smart Reports™

Learn exclusive strategies to help you improve your score

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Instructor-Proctored Live Online

Experience a full-length, realistic practice test under proctored conditions

Receive a detailed score analysis, answers and live explanations from expert faculty

Receive a mini-lesson filled with exclusive strategies taught by our expert faculty

Get your questions answered via live chat and participate in our interactive classroom.