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Deciding between GRE or GMAT

Of course, the ultimate determiner is whether the MBA programs to which you’re applying accept both tests or indicate a preference for one.

The GRE and GMAT are, in many ways, nearly identical:

  • Both involve early-high-school-level math.
  • Both rely heavily on reading comprehension.
  • Both require essay-writing at the beginning of the test.

But there are notable differences between the GRE and GMAT:


✓ Accepted at 1200+ Business Schools worldwide.

✓ Unique Quantitative Question—Quantitative Comparisons.

✓ Unique Verbal Questions—Sentence Equivalence & Text Completion.

✓ Better for “creative/flexible” thinkers.


✓ Accepted by all business schools.

✓ Unique Quantitative Question—Data Sufficiency.

✓ Unique Verbal Questions—Sentence Correction & Critical Reasoning.

✓ Better for ”number-crunching” thinkers.