GRE® Advanced Math - Self-Paced


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In-depth review of the most difficult math content on the GRE.

Whether you want to complement your GRE Prep course or are looking for intense, standalone math prep, Kaplan's GRE Advanced Math - Self-Paced course has you covered.

This supplemental course will prepare you with learning-objective based practice for some of the toughest Math topics you'll encounter on the GRE, including:

  • Combinations & Permutations
  • Probability & Standard Deviation
  • Percents, Ratios & Overlapping Sets
  • Advanced Arithmetic
  • Advanced Geometry

Product Features

  • 200+ of the toughest GRE math questions that you'll find anywhere
  • Learning objective-based practice, to help you build your understanding and master difficult concepts
  • Preview quiz that helps you map out an effective plan of study
  • Immediate feedback after practice quizzes and lessons
  • Dynamic instructional videos on every topic featuring our expert faculty

Course Preview