GRE Math Foundations - Self-Paced


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Available for $99 for any student enrolled in a comprehensive GRE course.*

Rusty on math? This refresher course is designed to build a strong foundation in the basic math skills essential for success on the GRE.

What makes GRE Math Foundations - Self-Paced unique?

  • Includes the GRE Math Refresher Course Book, Lessons on demand, Online Workshops, and over 400 practice questions
  • The quantitative foundation needed for success on the GRE — perfect to complete before or during your comprehensive GRE course

Course Structure

  • Three 2.5-hour instructor-led sessions covering Arithmetic, Geometry, and Algebra
  • Additional workshops and practice questions

Note: Because this course is foundational, it does not include any GRE practice tests.

*Offer good for comprehensive GRE Advantage, Anywhere, Private Tutoring, and On Demand options. Math Refresher does not qualify for Kaplan's Higher Score Guarantee.