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What is HelpSuite?

Make the grade. Get live help from Kaplan’s expert teachers plus a study library to help you review, practice, and get the grade you want.

Live Help

You have questions, our expert teachers have answers. Get live help anywhere you are through convenient online office hours, live chat, or email. Tough exam coming up? Stuck on a difficult problem? Our teachers are ready to help you.

Content Review

Have a big test coming up? Review essential topics in your video library, anytime, anywhere.

Focused Practice

Practice problems, including answers and explanations, to test your knowledge and get you ready for your exams.

Why Kaplan?

stars icon EXPERIENCE

Kaplan leads the way with expert teachers and  proven instructional design.


The more you practice, the better you’ll do on exams and homework.

test intro icon LEARNING SCIENCE

We apply our research-based learning strategies, so you can get the most out of your study time.