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Prep smarter, score higher—guaranteed or your money back

The Kaplan Higher Score Guarantee (HSG) Conditions and Restrictions

Step 1: You are a first-time Kaplan student and enroll in a HSG eligible program which has been paid in full. Any subscription based purchase is not eligible for HSG.

Step 2: You complete that program and take the official test when it is next administered.

Step 3: Within three months of completing that program, you share your official score with us: 

For classroom courses: tell us whether you want to repeat the same program one more time for free OR if you didn't score higher on the official test, you want your money back instead.

For tutoring: tell us whether you want to repeat the same program one more time (at a discounted rate, up to a maximum number of hours), OR if you didn't score higher on the official test, you may repeat for free or get your money back instead.


ACT Tutoring — In Person

ACT Tutoring — Live Online

Unlimited Prep

ACT Prep — In Person

ACT Prep — In Person PLUS

ACT Prep — Live Online

ACT Prep — Live Online PLUS

ACT Prep — Self-Paced


DAT Tutoring — In Person

DAT Tutoring — Live Online

DAT Prep — In Person

DAT Prep — In Person PLUS

DAT Prep — Live Online

DAT Prep — Live Online PLUS

DAT Prep — Self-Paced

DAT Prep — Self-Paced PLUS


GMAT Tutoring — In Person

GMAT Tutoring — Live Online

GMAT Prep — In Person

GMAT Prep — In Person PLUS

GMAT Prep — Live Online

GMAT Prep — Live Online PLUS

GMAT Prep — Self-Paced

GMAT Prep — Self-Paced PLUS


GRE Tutoring — In Person

GRE Tutoring — Live Online

GRE Prep — In Person

GRE Prep — In Person PLUS

GRE Prep — Live Online

GRE Prep — Live Online PLUS

GRE Prep — Self-Paced

GRE Prep — Self-Paced PLUS


LSAT Tutoring — In Person

LSAT Tutoring — Live Online

LSAT Prep — In Person

LSAT Prep — In Person PLUS

LSAT Prep — Live Online

LSAT Prep — Live Online PLUS

LSAT Prep — Self-Paced

LSAT Prep — Self-Paced PLUS


MCAT Summer Intensive — In Person

MCAT Summer Intensive — Live Online

MCAT Tutoring — In Person

MCAT Tutoring — Live Online

MCAT Prep — In Person

MCAT Prep — In Person PLUS

MCAT Prep — Live Online

MCAT Prep — Live Online PLUS

MCAT Prep — Self-Paced

MCAT Prep — Self-Paced PLUS


OAT Tutoring — Live Online

OAT Tutoring — In Person

OAT Prep — In Person

OAT Prep — In Person PLUS

OAT Prep — Live Online

OAT Prep — Live Online PLUS

OAT Prep — Self-Paced

OAT Prep — Self-Paced PLUS


PCAT Tutoring — In Person

PCAT Tutoring — Live Online

PCAT Prep — In Person

PCAT Prep — In Person PLUS

PCAT Prep — Live Online

PCAT Prep — Live Online PLUS

PCAT Prep — Self-Paced

PCAT Prep — Self-Paced PLUS


SAT Tutoring — In Person

SAT Tutoring — Live Online

Unlimited Prep

SAT Prep — In Person

SAT Prep — In Person PLUS

SAT Prep — Live Online

SAT Prep — Live Online PLUS

SAT Prep — Self-Paced

SAT Live Online Essentials

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