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The TACHS, or Test for Admission into Catholic High Schools, is given in New York City and a number of other New York counties each year in November to eighth-graders seeking admission to specific Catholic high schools. The high schools use the exam results to make decisions about admitting applicants and to group prospective ninth-grade students into classes. The test measures academic achievement in reading, language arts, and mathematics, and assesses general reasoning skills.

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Test Overview

The TACHS lasts two and a half hours and contains about 200 multiple-choice questions divided into four subtests—Reading, Language, Math, and Ability.

Reading: Vocabulary

Time: 10 minutes
Format: 20 multiple-choice questions
Topics Tested: Definitions

Reading: Comprehension

Time: 25 minutes
Format: 30 multiple-choice questions
Topics Tested: Ability to understand the central meaning of a passage and to recall or locate its details, draw inferences or generalize about what you read.

Language: Spelling, Capitalization, Punctuation, and Usage/Expression

Time: 23 minutes
Format: 40 multiple-choice questions
Topics Tested: Ability to understand the structure of sentences and paragraphs and how they work together to convey ideas, spelling, capitalization, and punctuation

Language: Paragraphs

Time: 7 minutes
Format: 10 multiple-choice questions
Topics Tested: Conciseness, clarity, appropriateness of expression, or organization of ideas.

Math: Concepts, Data Interpretation, and Problem Solving

Time: 33 minutes
Format: 32 multiple-choice questions
Topics Tested: Number relations, problem solving, graphical analysis.

Math: Estimation

Time: 7 minutes
Format: 18 multiple-choice questions
Topics Tested: Estimation

Ability: Similarities and Changes

Time: 25 minutes
Format: 40 multiple-choice questions
Topics Tested: Abstract reasoning ability, patterns, visual problems, sequences.

Ability: Abstract Reasoning

Time: 7 minutes
Format: 10 multiple-choice questions
Topics Tested: Abstract reasoning ability, problem solving, patterns

Your Score

You will receive one point for every question that you answer correctly on the TACHs. This is your raw score, which is tallied and then converted to a scaled score according to a formula determined by the test developers. Converting raw scores to scaled scores allows schools to compare a student's performance on one part of the exam with his or her performance on other parts that may have included a greater or lesser number of questions. Finally, scales scores are reported as percentile rank. Percentile rank shows where students stand in relationship to one another on various sections and on the test as a whole.

How to Register

The TACHS exams are administered in October and November of each year. Registration forms can be obtained from a Catholic elementary or high school, religious education office, parish/church or various public elementary schools; or downloaded from Students, parents, guardians, or principals may register students through the registration website ( or via phone at 1-866-61TACHS (1-866-618-2247). Paper registration forms can also be mailed with a money order or cashier's check to:

ACHS Examination Office
PO Box 64675
Eagan, MN 55164-9522

Admission tickets will be mailed out by Diocese of Brooklyn/Queens or the Archdiocese of New York, depending on where you take the exam. Be sure to bring the ticket with you on the day of the test.