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Thanks for letting us be a part of your club's journey!

Explore your exclusive benefits and learn how to maximize your Kaplan club partnership. And as always, if you have any questions reach out to your Kaplan Student Brand Ambassador or

Kaplan Scholarships

Reward a deserving member with a course scholarship or have members compete for one by exceeding membership responsibilities (like fundraising, attending club meetings, etc). You could also auction your scholarship as a way of fundraising for your organization! Members save money on their test prep, and your club raises money — win, win!

Member Resources

Give your members the tools they need to succeed. We have awesome events and free resources that will help your members on their journeys to graduate and professional school.

MCAT Free Events

LSAT Free Events

Check out for free events for other graduate exams.

Events For Your Club

Whether your club wants to learn more about preprofessional tests, find out what admissions officers are looking for in a strong applicant, your members want help building a study plan, or you just have time for a quick announcement, we have you covered. Talk to your Kaplan Student Brand Ambassador about the event that works best for your club.


We'll email discount codes for both your officers and general club members. Can't find them? Reach out to your Kaplan Student Brand Ambassador. Also, our Tuition Assistance program covers a portion of the cost for a Kaplan course for students in financial need. Learn more here.

Enroll Online

Find the course that best fits your schedule, then use your promo code at checkout.

Enroll by Phone

Give us a call at 1-800-KAP-TEST and we'll get you enrolled in the course that works best for you.

Chat With Us

If you have questions or would like help using your discount, let's chat. We can contact you at a time you're available.