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Step 1 Prep

Live Lectures: June 13th – August 1st, 2019 (8 AM – 4 /5 PM)

Question Based Integration - Live Online: August 17th- August 23rd, 2019 (6 PM – 10 PM)

Location: King Abdulaziz University Faculty 



  • $3200

Program Features:

  • 7 weeks of LIVE interactive lectures with our award winning faculty
  • Lecture Notes. 7 updated volumes in print AND eBook packed with easy-to- understand color images and tables.
  • On Demand Video Lectures. Over 200 hours of Step 1 video lectures, featuring; 1500 practice questions,  clinical correlates and high quality animations to review at your own pace and build your foundation.
  • Assessment Exams: Begin your studies with a diagnostic exam to assess your strengths and weaknesses, continue to measure your performance with 9 discipline based assessment exams and TWO full length simulated Step 1 exams.
  • Qbank includes over 2000 additional basic science questions and explanations.
  • Group Medical Advising: Access to a private Facebook group with Kaplan advisors covering important study and residency information.
  • BONUS* Question Based Integration: Maximize your preparation with these Live Online sessions following your Live classes.  Dissect and integrate the most commonly tested USMLE questions and concepts.

Seats are limited!  Sign up and receive immediate access to your books and online resources to begin your studies before the classes begin.

Online access now through 6/13/2020!

Hear from our students

“An excellent class to help prepare for the USMLE Step 1 exam. You can study the material on your own until you have it memorized, but without the Kaplan quick tricks and high yield points, you will waste your time and be ineffective in your efforts. This class was amazing and helped me get to a place where I can study independently to boost my score even further after the course.”

- Logain Al Ghanemi, Jeddah

“After passing Step 2 with a 230, I thought I could do Step 1 all alone. I probably could have, but I would have definitely needed to put more time in—time which I did not have. So I signed up for Kaplan's live instruction. It was an amazing course with excellent study materials, as well as instructors who were very helpful and approachable.”

- Abdulaziz Asiry, Jeddah