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Obtaining a residency in the United States isn't just about achieving great scores on the USMLE. You must also demonstrate the other essential qualities that program directors are looking for in a resident. Kaplan's Comprehensive Scholarship program provides everything you need to become an exceptional residency candidate.

Step 1 Program - 12 months

Location: New York City, NY

Scholarship Admission Requirements

Are you ready to apply to study in the U.S.? Get the support you need to get the scores you want by starting your USMLE prep with Kaplan Medical.

  • Assessment of English Proficiency with either IELTS, TOEFL IBT or Kaplan's Proficiency exam.
  • To enroll in the Step 1 program, students must complete Kaplan's proctored Step 1 diagnostic exam.

Phase 1: Comprehensive Step 1 Scholarship program

  • Step 1 Introduction and Support
  • Step 1 Prep - In Center - Study at your own pace in our full-service study centers
  • Step 1 Prep - Live - 14 weeks of up-to-the-minute instruction from our master faculty

Arrival Instructions for Kaplan Medical Saudi Scholarship Students — U.S.

We are pleased to have you complete your studies with us. Our job is to assist you in your preparation for the U.S. Medical Licensing exams and set you on the path to residency.

Below you will find a step by step guide to how to plan for your arrival to the U.S.

  • Step 1: Book and Confirm Your Travel

    Don't forget to book your travel early to get the best pricing and availability of flights. Submit your flight information to Kaplan Medical at least 45 days prior to the program start date. You will be informed prior to your start date how to submit this information.

    Note: The last chance to change your program start date is 45 days prior to the program start date.

  • Step 2: Enter the U.S. Through the Port of Entry

    Upon arrival to the U.S., you will need to be approved entry into the U.S. through the Port of Entry. To be approved, you (and your dependants) must possess a valid F visa, Form I-20 and passport. Make sure you hand carry these documents and do not check them in your luggage. If you lack any of these materials, you may be detained and/or denied entry. If approved entry, you will be given the Arrival/Departure document, also called the Form I-94. This is an important document so keep it, and all other immigration paperwork, in a safe place. If you receive a Form I-515A at the Port of Entry, you will be required to submit any/all missing documents to the government within 30 days. Please speak to your center DSO immediately upon arrival to ensure all deadlines are met.

    Note: Per U.S. immigration law, F1 students are allowed to enter the U.S. up to 30 days before the start date listed on their I-20. You can use this time to find housing, open a bank account, obtain transportation and otherwise get settled in the U.S. Kaplan recommends you enter as early as possible, so you can get settled before your start date.

  • Step 3: Obtain Your Financial Guarantee From SACM

    You will not be able to begin studies at Kaplan until your Financial Guarantee (FG) is submitted to Kaplan Medical. However, by law, if you do not start studying by your start date, you can risk falling out of status. Therefore, it is important to obtain your Financial Guarantee before your start date. It can take several days to weeks to obtain your Financial Guarantee. You must contact the Saudi Arabia Cultural Mission (SACM) as soon as possible after arrival to the U.S. to prevent delays in receiving your FG.

    Note: Although the Ministry is supporting your studies and the payment comes from SACM, all students are liable for the tuition costs incurred. If you do not obtain a letter of financial guarantee by the end of your enrollment, you are responsible for paying the tuition.

  • Step 4: Report to Center and Begin Studies

    You must report to the center that issued your I-20 on or before the start date listed on your I-20. At this time, you will speak with the DSO and attend orientation, in order to obtain important information and register for classes. A failure to report on your start date will result in termination of your I-20, thereby placing you out of legal status.

    When you report to the center on your start date, you will need to bring the following information with you:

    • Your Form I-20, stamped by the Port of Entry
    • Your Dependent(s) I-20 (if applicable)
    • Your Passport
    • Your Dependent(s) Passport(s) (if applicable)
    • Your F1 Student Visa (non-US Citizens or Green Card Holders only)
    • Your Dependant(s) Visa (if applicable)
    • Your local address, phone number and email address
    • Your Financial Guarantee from the Cultural Mission
    • Proof of Health Insurance (provided to you by the Cultural Mission)

    Note: By U.S. immigration law, F-1 students are not permitted to postpone their start date once they have entered the U.S. Postponements must be processed before traveling to the U.S. since an updated I-20 will be mailed to the student for presentation at the Port of Entry.

  • Step 5: Meet with Your Medical Advisor and Create Your Study Plan

    After orientation, you will take a diagnostic exam and meet with your Medical Advisor, who will work with you to create a study plan and help you understand important deadlines for your medical residency application. Together, we will work with you to ensure you are most successful in your studies and preparation for your medical residency.

Need more information?

Request for more information about the Comprehensive Step 1 program.

Questions about the program?

If you have questions, we encourage you to seek guidance from Kaplan's International Admissions department, since they will be your best source of updated information.

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