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Save $225, use code: SUMMER225

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†Note, with your PrepTest library, you will still have access to every real LSAT question ever released.

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Bob Verini
Bob Verini
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Bobby Gautam
Bobby Gautam
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Hannah Gist
Hannah Gist
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Gene Suhir
Gene Suhir
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Jeff Boudreau
Jeff Boudreau
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Ged Helm
Ged Helm
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Bob Verini
Bob Verini

Years Teaching LSAT: 31
LSAT Students Taught: 5000+

FAVORITE SECTION TO TEACH: RC. I have a solid sense of the inner monologue that needs to go on, in a student's head, as she attacks -- and I use that verb deliberately -- a passage.
FAVORITE TYPE OF STUDENT TO TEACH: I am best with the high-ender who wants to go from good to great -- the student who may need to be motivated/consoled but who is sharp enough to see the test as a game playing challenge.
DESCRIBES TEACHING STYLE AS: scaffolded, realistic, tactical, idealistic
BEST ADVICE FOR STUDENTS: Make your mistakes happily, knowing that each misstep reduces the risk of making that mistake again. Focus on the process by which you answered the question, rather than the end product (a right or wrong selection).

I won the 1987 Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions and recently competed in the Jeopardy! Battle of the Decades. I'm an Academy Awards completist - and only recently have I discovered how many more of those there are in the world than I ever suspect. Additionally, I'm an accomplished improv actor. Give me a suggestion and I'll give you a scene.

Bobby Gautam
Bobby Gautam

Years Teaching LSAT: 10
LSAT Students Taught: 1300+

Bobby studied Neuroscience at the University of Alberta. He scored 174 on the LSAT, and studied law at the University of Toronto. He has been teaching at Kaplan since 2005 and lives for the moment when a student finally says "Oh! I get it!" When he's not tutoring, you can find Bobby teaching on the LSAT channel, horseback-riding with his wife, or working on his slapshot at the ice rink.

FAVORITE SECTION TO TEACH: It's a tie between LG and LR. I like teaching LG because it's so invigorating to see students become proficient at something that is so completely foreign to them. And I like teaching LR because it's half the test and there is so much strategy involved.
FAVORITE TYPE OF STUDENT TO TEACH: The most rewarding students to me are the ones who are getting close to their goal score but have hit a wall. NOTHING feels better than helping them fix their process to finally break through those barriers!
DESCRIBES TEACHING STYLE AS: Clear, compassionate, lively, humorous, passionate
BEST ADVICE FOR STUDENTS: Work hard to get ready for the test, but when the test begins don't work harder than you have to.

I own 14 video game consoles, 3 handheld gaming devices, and a library of over 2000 games. But I'm also a former competitive weightlifter! I also like to make up my own rap verses and sometimes use them in class for fun.

Hannah Gist
Hannah Gist

Years Teaching LSAT: 4
LSAT Students Taught: 300+

FAVORITE SECTION TO TEACH: LG, because students are generally clueless at the beginning of the course. After they learn the patterns, they're LG rockstars!
FAVORITE TYPE OF STUDENT TO TEACH: My favorite type of student starts with a low-ish Diag score, but plenty of dedication and eagerness to learn. It's not about what you know when you get here; it's about how much you want it, how you adapt to the new methods and accept our guidance.
DESCRIBES TEACHING STYLE AS: Patient, energetic, encouraging, accessible, proficient
BEST ADVICE FOR STUDENTS: So many students come to class and do the homework, but they keep using the same flawed methods they used on the Diag. If you want better results, have the courage to CHANGE.

I took 4 years of Latin as an undergrad and still use it. And every year, I pick a different type of food and make a different version of it each month that year. So far, we've had the year of pie, the year of pizza, and the year of bread.

Gene Suhir
Gene Suhir

Rated Excellent by 97% of students
Years Teaching Experience: 5 years

A Kaplan LSAT instructor since 2005, Gene is a two-time "Kaplan Teacher of the Year." His law experience is highlighted by having seen the movie "My Cousin Vinny" over 150 times, and his students will affirm that no one knows the LSAT as well as Gene does. His unique broadcasting background (he worked in TV and radio for 3 years) makes his LSAT classes interactive and informative. Gene graduated from the University of Maryland with a dual-degree in Political Science and Communications. Gene is an avid traveler, amateur magician, and guitar player. You can find Gene teaching in the New York/New Jersey area and online in our LSAT classes.

"I once spent 5 months living on a kibbutz in Israel where I dug graves for dead dogs and ripped irrigation pipes out of cotton fields."

"I used to write parodies and do crank calls for United Stations Radio Networks."

Jeff Boudreau
Jeff Boudreau

Years Teaching LSAT: 7
LSAT Students Taught: 2500+

FAVORITE SECTION TO TEACH: I love them all, but I have a special fondness for LG. It was the first section I mastered!
FAVORITE TYPE OF STUDENT TO TEACH: Quite literally, any. I love the challenge of helping any new student master the test.
DESCRIBES TEACHING STYLE AS: Excited, fun-loving, caring
BEST ADVICE FOR STUDENTS: If this is truly your dream, don't put an expiration date on it.

I lived in Australia, have a wolf dog and am currently writing a young adult sci-fi novel.

Ged Helm
Ged Helm

Years Teaching LSAT: 3
LSAT Students Taught: 500+

FAVORITE SECTION TO TEACH: RC. To be blunt, a lot of students are bad at it and don't know it. They also don't know why. Once you show them that LSAT Reading Comp isn't about reading or comprehension, they understand why they should be approaching it differently.
FAVORITE TYPE OF STUDENT TO TEACH: I don't care what you're good at or bad at when you enter my classroom. I don't care what your goal is or what you scored on the diagnostic. What I care about is that you're honest with yourself, want to improve, and willing to work at it. I truly believe that most anyone can hit most any goal if they are willing to do the work.
DESCRIBES TEACHING STYLE AS: Energetic, positive, strategic, honest.
BEST ADVICE FOR STUDENTS: The LSAT is not an IQ test, a test of character, or a test of worth. The LSAT tests a specific set of skills that are learned.

I've played the guitar for 15 years--mostly acoustic, but I've been working on driving my wife crazy with an electric guitar and banjo ukulele recently. I love playing with my 2 dogs, Cider and Indiana, as well as my 2 cats, Tron and Ender. And I was a semi-professional ballet dancer before tearing my ACL.

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