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Personal support raises your score

Our highest-rated LSAT teachers help you to raise your score—from diagnostic to test day.

Strategy helps you learn faster

The LSAT tests skills and strategy. When you focus on strategy every day, you learn faster.

A schedule that works for you

With daily practice, you'll be able to spot Parallel Reasoning in your sleep—and on test day.

Intensive highlights

  • 150+ hours of prep and practice
  • Access to every real, released LSAT (85+)
  • 3 full-length test simulations
  • 8 hours of private tutoring
  • Work with our top-10 LSAT teachers

A whole team of teachers lead you

Expert strategy combined with great teaching can help you get unstuck faster—and stay that way. Ask questions and get answers in real time, when you need them, from LSAT experts.

Meet Ged
Ged Helm is a veteran Kaplan teacher and a founding member of the Kaplan LSAT Channel. He keeps his students motivated by singing test-prep parody songs in his stylish bow-ties.

Meet Boris
As a 10-year Kaplan teacher and 2-time winner of our Teacher of the Year award, Boris has helped thousands of students gain points on the LSAT and get into their top-choice schools.


Watch it all come together in 8 hours of private coaching from your LSAT tutor. Whether you're working through your practice tests together or untangling hybrid logic games, it's all about you—and it's all part of LSAT Intensive.

LSAT Intensive 3-Week Course

June 23 - July 12

Prep for the "score you can cancel" July exam.

11:00 AM - 6:00 PM ET


A glimpse inside LSAT Intensive

You'll meet with your class and teachers every weekday from 11:00 AM - 7:00 PM ET.

11 AM - 3 PM

LSAT Strategy Session

3 PM - 4 PM


4 PM - 5 PM

LSAT Section Test

5 PM - 6 PM

Formal Logic Basics

6 PM - 7 PM

Sequencing Games Basics

7 PM - 10 PM

LSAT Channel Session, Homework, or 1:1 Tutoring

What students say about their LSAT teachers

Ged is awesome. He’s always explaining everything very thoroughly and is always in such a good spirit that it makes me feel good regardless of how stressed I feel while doing the questions.

I loved his method of teaching. He was very thorough with how he explained which helped a lot. Was always there to answer any questions we had.

Professor Ged was very lively and captured the students attention in every class he taught. Four hours is a long time to keep a student engaged but it was not hard for Ged to capture and retain my attention.

Very thorough and helped me gain a better understanding of the LSAT and effective methods of study.