You’ve taken the LSAT. Now what?

Congratulations for completing a very important and grueling component of your law school application – the LSAT. You've likely been spending the last few weeks decompressing and breathing a well-deserved sigh of relief.

Many of you will be receiving your scores from LSAC on Monday, June 29 (unless you elected to expedite your scores). No doubt the hard work and long hours you spent preparing for the LSAT will have paid off. We were happy to help you prepare and gain the skills and confidence necessary to score your best.

Your days and nights may no longer be filled mastering logic games or sharpening your analytical reasoning skills, but they will be just as full. Your attention will now turn to finalizing your school research, selecting appropriate recommenders, fine tuning your resume, and the most time-consuming task: writing personal statements. Depending on how many schools you're applying to, you'll have several of these introspective, thought-provoking essays to write.

To help guide you through this next phase of the admissions process, we've created this free downloadable white paper, Making The Case for Admission: Crafting a Compelling Law School Application.

And remember, if you find you could benefit from the experience of a coach who will successfully guide you through the process, consider enlisting the help of a Kaplan Law School Admissions Consultant.

Best of luck to you in this next stage of the applicaiton process.