Surviving a Law School Interview

If you are asked to interview‚ preparation is key. Although more law schools are moving towards interviewing applicants‚ many still do not make it a practice. Consequently‚ if you are asked to interview‚ the admission committee most likely needs help in making a decision on your application. They may be uncertain about a number of things‚ including your fit with their program.

Top Interviewing Strategies

  1. Know your stuff. Learn as much about the program as you can. Visit the website‚ read the catalog‚ and speak with current students and alumni.
  2. Make sure the program is a good fit. For example‚ if you’re interested in public interest work‚ but this firm only places graduates in large firms‚ you don’t want to find out about it at the interview.
  3. Actively manage the interview. Answer the questions‚ but also feel free to ask questions and steer the direction of the interview.