LSAT Challenge: Logic Games

Accounting for almost 25 percent of your score, Logic Games are designed to test your ability to efficiently organize and think critically about a series of entities, relationships, and constraints. These questions simulate the kinds of detailed analyses of relationships that law students must perform in synthesizing legal rules from multiple precedents and applying those rules to hypothetical cases.

So if today were Test Day, how would you do?
Try this question from an actual LSAC-released PrepTest* to find out.

In a theater company, four two-day workshops—Lighting, Production, Rehearsals, and Staging—are conducted over the course of five days, Monday through Friday. The workshops are conducted in a manner consistent with the following constraints:

  • The two days on which a given workshop is in session are consecutive.
  • On each of the five days, at least one, but no more than two, of the workshops are in session.
  • The workshops on Production and Rehearsals begin no earlier than the day immediately following the second day of the workshop on Lighting.

Which one of the following could be true?
(A) Only one workshop is in session on Thursday.
(B) Only one workshop is in session on Friday.
(C) The workshop on Rehearsals is in session on Tuesday.
(D) The workshop on Staging is in session on Thursday.
(E) The workshops in Rehearsals and Production are both in session on Wednesday.

And the answer is...


An analysis of the rules reveals these key deductions:

  • Tuesday has to feature a Lighting workshop
  • Thursday's workshops must always be Production and Rehearsals
  • Tuesday's other workshop will have to be Staging

This leaves you with a final visualization that looks like this:

                    LL     PP     RR     SS


























Often a "could be true" question with no new information takes a long time to answer. However, just watch how fast the wrong choices fall thanks to the helpful Tues/Thurs deductions.
(A) No, two workshops, Production and Rehearsals, must be conducted on Thurs. Eliminate (A).

(B) Can only one workshop be conducted on Fri? Sure. If Lighting takes Mon/Tues, and a Production or Rehearsals workshop is scheduled on Wed, then the sole Fri workshop would be the other remaining one, Production or Rehearsals. The remaining Staging workshop would of course fall on either Mon or Wed. (B) could be true and we need look no further. For the record:

(C) Only Lighting and Staging are conducted on Tuesday; no room on Tuesday for Rehearsals.

(D) Only Production and Rehearsals are conducted on Thursday; no slot on Thursday for Staging.

(E) Production and Rehearsals are both conducted on Thursday, so if Production and Rehearsals are also conducted on Wednesday, then the only days open for Lighting and Staging are Monday and Tuesday, leaving Friday with no workshops, a direct violation of Rule 2.

Now imagine doing this and four more questions from this game in under 9 minutes. That's the pressure of Test Day!

*PrepTest 19 – Section 1 – Game 2