The correct answer is C.

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PrepTest 30, Section 1, Game 1, Question 18


This may seem like a tough game at first, but a sequencing logic game is one of the most frequently tested types of games on the LSAT—and one you will master with practice and your Kaplan methods. Let's dig deep.

The Action: Seven toy-truck models are assembled on seven different assembly lines.

We need to find the order of the assembly lines—we don't care about what stage of assemblage each truck is in. As usual, the Key Issues in this straightforward Sequencing game are:

1) What is the order of the toy-truck assembly lines?
2) Which toy-truck assembly lines could, must, and cannot be consecutive with which other assembly lines?

The Initial Setup: Seven dashes representing the assembly lines is the standard way to go here. We can fill the toy-trucks into the spaces as we go along. Let's, as usual, also make a list of the seven entities.

At Kaplan, we'll teach you how to set up each and every type of Logic Game you could possibly face on Test Day, and delve deep into the types of deductions frequently embedded in their structure. The result? You'll leave confident in your approach to Logic Games on Test Day.