The most live instruction available for the September LSAT®.

Summer Intensive - Live Online

4-Week Bootcamp for the September LSAT

Tuition: $5499

July 10th - August 4th


For the first time ever, Kaplan is bringing the benefits of an intensive daytime LSAT bootcamp to your home this summer. This elite program is an exclusive opportunity to commit to the most concentrated LSAT prep available, including the most structured live instruction of any September LSAT prep option, unparalleled support and service, and weekly small group and one-on-one tutoring.

For more information, contact one of our Summer Intensive advisors at: 1-800-KAP-TEST

Program Features & Schedule

The Summer Intensive Program curriculum combines Kaplan’s LSAT strategies with immersive instruction, practice and a personalized approach—delivered exclusively live online by our highest-rated LSAT faculty from across the country. The meticulously designed program focuses all your brainpower, energy, and attention on achieving your LSAT goal: a higher score, or your money back.

Exclusive to Summer Intensive students:

  • The most live LSAT instruction available in preparation for the September LSAT
  • 4 full-length LSAT simulations carefully administered to mimic the Test Day experience*
    • Plus, a complete PrepTest library (80+ exams) along with self-proctoring tools
  • Comprehensive content and strategy review sessions delivered live by our best faculty including:
    • All Kaplan core LSAT Prep sessions
    • 60+ hours of curated LSAT® Channel sessions
  • Weekly one-on-one coaching sessions—10 hours total—with your personal LSAT Tutor:
    • In-depth analysis of your full-length exam performance and creation of your personal study plan, so you can use your available study time as efficiently as possible
    • Tutoring in content areas of your choice to address specific weaknesses and opportunities
    • One-on-one support to ensure you stay motivated and engaged throughout the program and confident for Test Day
  • Weekly Group Tutoring sessions —10 hours total—with an LSAT Tutor
    • Additional sessions of live, small group (2 to 4 students) workshops focused on foundations and/or advanced content
  • Dedicated LSAT faculty members and student concierge to provide prompt responses and solutions to all your LSAT needs:
    • Exclusive access to a social community of Summer Intensive Faculty members and peers to post questions, foster collaboration, and celebrate your progress towards your goal score
    • Direct answers to all your academic or service-related questions
  • Special programming related to law school admissions
    • Craft all the components of a compelling application - personal statements, addenda, letters of recommendation and more
  • “Phase II”—reconvene your cohort in the days leading up to Test Day for final coaching, guidance, structure, and practice

Program Schedule:

The Summer Intensive Program is scheduled strategically to take full advantage of your time during summer break. Combine the structure of scheduled live sessions throughout the day with the convenience of picking and choosing your LSAT® Channel sessions each evening, plus weekly full-length exams and one-on-one coaching sessions.

Sample Week:

WEEK 3 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
11:00 AM Logic Games 2 Core Lesson: Loose Sequencing, Matching, Distribution, and Hybrid Games Midpoint Test: PrepTest 73 Private Tutoring (1.5 hours) / Practice Hall Logical Reasoning 3 Core Lesson: Non-Argument Questions Group Tutoring (2 hours) / Practice Hall
12:00 PM
1:00 PM Practice Hall / Group Tutoring (2 hours)
2:00 PM Alternative Study Techniques
3:00 PM Midday Break
4:00 PM Full Section - PrepTest 67, Section I (RC) Your Personal Statement Full Section - PrepTest 67, Section II (LR) Full Section - PrepTest 67, Section III (LG) Full Section - PrepTest 67, Section IV (LR)
5:00 PM Loose Sequencing Games Midpoint Review - LG/RC Arguments with Overlooked Possibilities Inference Basics Hybrid Games Basics
6:00 PM Arguments with Mismatched Concepts Midpoint Review - LR Matching/Distribution Games Putting Your Roadmap & Big Picture Summaries to Work 2-Minute Roadmaps

Plus, access to all of Kaplan’s LSAT preparation resources from the day you enroll until Test Day including:

  • Free and unlimited access to The LSAT® Channel —hundreds of hours of live, highly-interactive, elective workshops on everything from the basics to advanced topics taught live and online by Kaplan’s highest rated faculty:
    • 10-40 hours of elective instruction per week, every week
    • Choose electives by topic, difficulty, or faculty
    • Search and watch past-programming with an On Demand online library
  • Complete PrepTest library of every released LSAT (80+) with detailed explanations to every question and answer choice
  • Q-Bank containing 4,000+ real LSAT questions† for customized quizzes by question type
  • Smart Reports™ providing detailed performance analysis and study prescriptions
  • Free make-up sessions: live classroom sessions or on-demand
  • LSAT Premier: Course Book Edition and LSAT Lesson Book
Why Kaplan Summer Intensive?
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Most live instruction anywhere.

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Exhaustive resources.

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More points in less time.

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Built-in one-on-one instruction.