LSAT Logical Reasoning - Self-Paced


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Assaulted by assumptions? Fumbled by flaws? Puzzled by parallel reasoning? Now learn how to confidently tackle those and every other Logical Reasoning question type with Kaplan's new LSAT Logical Reasoning - Self-Paced course. Prep on your own with this flexible and convenient, self-study option. You'll learn the content and strategies you need to raise your score on the LSAT—at your convenience.

Students already enrolled in a comprehensive LSAT prep course may also purchase this product as a supplement for only $99.
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What Makes LSAT Logical Reasoning - Self-Paced Unique?

  • In-depth, focused instruction on the section of the LSAT that counts most towards your score
  • Comprehensive coverage of every logical reasoning question type you could face on Test Day
  • Over 1,500 real, previously released logical reasoning questions and full explanations to each
  • Online lessons to study wherever and whenever you want—24/7
  • Online help from Kaplan's LSAT Academic Advisors

Course Structure

LSAT Logical Reasoning - Self-Paced is a self-paced program with online lessons and practice materials.

  • More than 15 hours of video instruction spread across 6 sessions
  • Guidebook to follow along with all the material covered in the online sessions
  • Logical Reasoning Mastery & Timing book containing over 1,500 previously released questions