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So how can you do your best on Test Day? After almost 80 years of helping students prepare for entrance exams, we’ve learned that test prep courses are the single most efficient and cost-effective way to boost your confidence and improve your score on the LSAT.

Prep to boost your score

A test prep course will help you increase your knowledge across all test areas, develop test-taking strategies, and build your confidence.

Prep for a better job

A better score can lead to a better law school, a better law school to a better job, and a better job to better overall life satisfaction.

Why prep with Kaplan?

What makes Kaplan Test Prep the best fit for you?

Prep options that meet your specific needs

We know you have a busy schedule, so we've developed flexible and convenient prep that fits your needs. Our program options include:

  • One-on-one tutoring
  • Classroom courses
  • Live, online courses
  • Self-paced online courses

Find the LSAT prep option that is right for you.


Most live instruction anywhere

Kaplan’s newest LSAT prep innovation. The LSAT Channel offers hundreds of hours of live, highly-interactive, elective workshops on everything from the basics to advanced topics, taught live and online by Kaplan's highest-rated faculty.


Exhaustive resources

All of our comprehensive courses include a complete PrepTest library (80+ exams) and every released LSAT question (8,000+) with detailed explanations to each question and every answer choice.


More points in less time

Smart Reports® provides an in-depth analysis of your practice test performance and then recommends specific assignments to help you improve. It targets the highest-yield material, specific to you.


The Kaplan Guarantee - a higher score or your money back!

We believe confidence is the key to your success on Test Day—and that begins with your confidence in our test prep. That's why The Kaplan Guarantee is the most comprehensive guarantee in the industry.

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high score guaranteed image 2
The best guarantee is one you won’t need. But you get it anyway.

Score higher with Kaplan,
or get your money back.