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Get the NYC experience with our Summer Intensive at NYU


Join us at New York University in New York, NY for over 320 hours of live, customized MCAT® immersion led by our highest-rated MCAT faculty from across the country. This meticulously designed program focuses all your brainpower, energy, and attention on achieving your MCAT goal.

Program description

The Summer Intensive Program curriculum incorporates MCAT strategy, content review, and a personalized approach that guarantees success. Guided by our best MCAT faculty instructors, you will receive a well-rounded and complete preparation experience that includes:

  • Comprehensive content review sessions delivered exclusively live and on site by subject matter experts
  • Expertly crafted MCAT strategy lectures to help you understand the test format and achieve the best possible results
  • Small group recitations and weekly private tutoring sessions that provide a customized study plan and guide you to success
  • 5 full-length proctored MCAT simulations carefully administered to mimic the Test Day experience


The Goddard Residential Hall at New York University in Manhattan is a traditional first year residence hall overlooking NYU's main hub; Washington Square Park. All students will reside in a private bedroom within a suite, which includes a shared bathroom and living area. The lower level of the Hall features several community spaces including: a lounge for studying and entertainment, classroom space, a laundry room, and a community kitchen.


The Goddard Residential Hall is walking distance to several public transit access points and is located at the crossroads of NYC's liveliest neighborhoods: Greenwich Village, SoHo, the East Village, and the Lower East Side. From here you'll be able to explore one of the most exciting and diverse cities in America, visit local community and art centers, and debate with your fellow SIP residents which pizza spot is the best in the city.

Fun Facts

  • New York City has over 8 million residents, making it the most populated city in the United States
  • Every year New York University hosts the strawberry festival where NYU cooking staff bakes the largest strawberry shortcake in New York
  • New York University has the highest number of international students and also sends more students abroad than any other American university
  • The fastest computer in New York takes up over 30 square feet of space and sits at NYU
  • Central Park may be the most famous park in New York, however, at only 843 acres it is tiny in comparison to Pelham Bay Park's 2765 acres in the Bronx
  • New York University library has over 4 million books on its shelves in libraries across campus