Meet your new elite MSCT instructors

Eli Schwartz

Highly rated by 97% of his students, Eli Schwartz has been teaching at Kaplan since 2005. His numerous accolades at Kaplan include a "Teacher of the Year" award. Eli earned a B.A. in Discrete Mathematics and is now completing his M.S. degrees in Applied Math and Physics. In written evaluations by his students, Eli's teaching style has been variously described as engaging, inspiring, and patient. In his free time Eli enjoys camping, cooking, and playing board games of all varieties.

Josh Brooks

Highly rated by 100% of students, Josh has been with Kaplan for the last six years and has served the Kaplan community as a teacher, trainer, and mentor. A native Arkansan and now in San Diego, Josh moved to Nashville to start his Ph.D. program in Pharmacology at Vanderbilt University, and, along the way, started teaching for Kaplan Test Prep, initially for the GRE, but, given his biomedical interests and background, found his niche in working with and encouraging MCAT students to prepare for their exams.

David Samuels

David Samuels was Kaplan's first full-time instructor to teach exclusively online; in the last two years he has prepared over 1,500 students for the MCAT. His influence can be seen in the specific presentation of the course in the online medium. David holds MS degrees in Chemistry and Physics from the University of Colorado, and brings both a scientific rigor and a personable touch to MCAT preparation. David continues to be instrumental in the development of Kaplan's online MCAT preparation program, and is consistently rated as one of Kaplan's best instructors.

Mike Glamore

Michael completed his undergrad at Cornell University where he studied biomedical engineering. In his sophomore year he utilized the Kaplan MCAT Course to dominate the test and began teaching for Kaplan. Always searching for another student, he has taught the Advanced Course, Online courses and directed the Summer Intensive Program. His high energy classrooms unify seemingly different scientific topics and show how they are inherently tied to medicine. He has spent the last year in Miami at the brand new Florida International University M.D. program. There he has received top marks, is pending multiple publications and is the president of his class.

Nzinga Mack

Nzinga is an veteran MCAT instructor who has led well over 1,000 students towards test day success. She is a Kaplan Elite Teacher who has trained MCAT instructors and has been selected from teachers nationwide to teach both Kaplan Classroom Anywhere online courses and Kaplan's MCAT Summer Intensive Program. Students consistently praise Nzinga for being an engaging, enthusiastic and knowledgeable instructor who genuinely cares about her students. She graduated from Howard University with a BS in Biology and is currently researching novel cancer therapies as she works towards her PhD in Pharmacology at Florida A&M University.