MCAT 2015:

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The AAMC has approved the first major changes to the MCAT in more than 20 years. How will it impact you and your chances for admission to med school? At Kaplan, our MCAT experts have created the definitive guide to the new test to help you understand the changes, prepare for them, and succeed.

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Fact of the Week:

Scientific concepts on the new MCAT will be tested in the context of living systems. For example, fluid dynamics could be tested as an underlying theme in cardiovascular physiology.

*Based on information and questions released by the AAMC, Kaplan’s psychometricians and MCAT experts have created this short-form practice test to allow students to begin identifying content-knowledge gaps for the 2015 MCAT. This practice test is approximately 1/3 the length of the full 7 hour test. If you’re unsure whether you’d be better suited taking the current version of the exam or the 2015 version, this practice test will help you make an informed decision.