Early Decision

Some medical schools in the United States offer early decision programs (EDPs). For an EDP, you can file only one application to the one medical school you wish to attend. Most schools accept these special applications by August 1. Keep in mind, however, that you will be prohibited from applying to any other schools until that school has rendered a decision. If you're accepted—most schools notify candidates by October 1—then you must attend.

Is Early Decision Right For You?

Early decision programs are appropriate only for very competitive applicants who have a strong preference for one particular school. These applicants benefit in that they save considerable money on applications, interviews, and travel. In addition, they know where they're going to med school by October.

The Risk of Early Decision

If you apply through an EDP but are not accepted, you'll be behind your peers in the application process. It's not a decision to be taken lightly. Before you make a decision on an EDP, sit down with your pre-med advisor and decide if this option is appropriate for you.