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The Administrative Reporting Suite available to institutions on the Kaplan Learning Platform includes features and functionality to help the Dean and select faculty members quickly access and understand individual student and cohort performance.

Powerful, User-Friendly Reports

Stay on top of student progress with easy access to all past and present cohort data in one place. Reports are accessible across all of your devices: desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile.

  • Analyze Usage and Performance

View detailed feedback on Qbank performance and video usage. Performance reports are available by discipline and by organ system.

  • Customizable Reports

Create custom filters to view by student, cohort, test type, or lowest remediation. The class mean is available for each report along with the ability to flag students who fall below it. Plus, you can define your own performance thresholds to identify all users below that threshold.

  • Intuitive Reports

Insights at-a-glance and enhanced data visualizations with charts and graphs help you easily spot trends and outliers, and quickly identify at-risk students. You can compare your data to national averages and cross-product reporting allows you to view performance across various products to see trends and levels of content consumption.

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