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With Kaplan’s secure simulated exams, you can help students overcome test-taking anxiety and provide them with targeted remediation. Students will experience full-length tests that mimic the characteristics of the actual board exams.

Simulate Board Exams

Offer students test-like questions and conditions to help prepare them for their high-stakes exams

  • Expertly Crafted Questions

The questions in our simulated exams have been developed by healthcare professionals, medical educators, and education science experts.

  • Targeted Remediation

Based on the student’s performance, they’ll know where to focus their study efforts and can easily access content review resources for the topics that need the most improvement.

  • Integrated Scheduling

Your Learning Consultant will help you set exam dates and times that fit your academic calendar and curriculum.

Actionable Data

After each exam, faculty and administrators will have access to individual student and cohort performance.

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