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With the Kaplan Learning Platform, your students can easily access thousands of exam-like questions, detailed explanations, and video content within our Qbanks, diagnostic tests, and simulated exams.

Simple Navigation

Student resources are organized into intuitive, easy-to-navigate sections complete with descriptive headers.

Intuitive Resources

Resources include how-to guidance, explanations, icons to indicate type (video, text, image), and estimated completion times.

24/7 Access

Students access resources on the device of their choice: desktop, laptop, tablet, and phone.

Performance Reports

Students can track their usage and completion of resources and see how well they’ve performed on tests.

Focused Review Content

Review content is integrated into our learning systems. Videos are tagged with the topics and taxonomy that tie to learning objectives. Our learning systems provide digital instruction that blends relevant content with interactive elements such as quizzes, helpful links, images, and additional materials to provide students an engaging multimedia learning experience.

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