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Help students build diagnostic competency and clinical judgment skills. With i-Human Patients, students experience safe, repeatable, fully-graded clinical patient encounters on their devices anywhere, anytime.

Virtual Client Encounters

Through virtual patient encounters, students master lab skills and cognitive-based concepts. When it comes time for the high stakes test, they are prepared to succeed.

Hundreds of Standardized Cases

Includes a broad set of clinical interactions not dependent on existing patient population. Faculty can choose from over 400 cases across the patient lifespan - including acute care. Over 200 patient avatars provide more diverse encounters.

Comprehensive Encounters

Simulates a comprehensive patient encounter – from a history and physical to differentials to diagnosis and treatment. Avatars have a pulse, blink, breathe, respond to questions, and more.

Safe, Repeatable Interactions

Students can make mistakes, learn from them, and try again in a safe environment. Encounters can be repeated over and over again for practice and mastery.

Interactive Learning Experience

With virtual simulation, students are immersed in clinical experiences built specifically to help them learn and build clinical reasoning.

  • Integrated Learning

Cases include integrated learning, exercises, a rich media library, and assessments to help students fully understand cases.

  • Remediation

Students are shown when they make incorrect and incomplete decisions for focused remediation.

  • Configured to Fit Your Curriculum

Students can be assigned cases individually, in a lecture, a flipped classroom or in a team-based learning environment. Cases can be configured to the level of the learner and can be scaffolded throughout your curriculum.

  • Team Based Learning

Create TBL/PBL projects for your class using i-Human cases. Assign cases to teams, allow them to work through the process, then debrief together as a class.

Institutional Insights

i-Human tracks every click, and every decision the student documents and provides them with instant, expert feedback along the way.

Faculty and administrators can reduce grading, and simply access performance reports to pinpoint gaps in curriculum and identify at-risk students.

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