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Kaplan Medical, the leader in USMLE preparation, has helped tens of thousands of students and physicians pass their medical licensing boards with high scores and continue on to successful careers in medicine. At Kaplan Medical, your success is our goal.

Obtaining a residency in the United States isn't just about achieving great scores on the USMLE. You must also demonstrate the other essential qualities that program directors are looking for. Kaplan's CompletePrep is the only program that provides everything you need to become an exceptional residency candidate.


Kaplan Medical, Chicago

August 2, 2017
November 8, 2017

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  • COMPLETE. View over 200 hours of concise, engaging video lectures.
  • SELF PACED. Instantly access and repeat content anywhere, anytime.
  • EFFICIENT. Accelerate your prep with x1.5 speed.
  • ENGAGING. Cement your knowledge with over 3900 quiz questions.
  • CLINICAL CORRELATES. Integrate knowledge on 30 most tested disciplines with mini-lectures.
  • ANIMATIONS. Grasp the most complex concepts with 20 simple animations.
  • USER-FRIENDLY. Interact with content. Flag material, take notes and create playlists.
  • LECTURE NOTES.. Get 7 updated volumes in print and ebook packed with easy-to-understand color images and tables.
  • MASTER FACULTY. There are no better instructors teaching these disciplines. Period.


  • DIAGNOSTIC TEST. Quickly understand your strengths and opportunities with 150 exam-like questions.
  • ASSESSMENTS. Know where you stand with over 700 exam-like questions.
  • QBANK. Eliminate test-day anxiety with over 2000 exam-like questions and complete explanations.
  • 2 SIMULATED EXAMS. Know when you're ready with our full length exams and complete explanations.


  • MED ADVISING. Get one-on-one guidance, including a personalized study plan and residency timeline.
  • STUDY CENTER. Enjoy comfortable, convenient locations with fast internet, quiet labs, and support from staff and peers.
  • I20 ELIGIBLE FACILITY. You are welcome to study in New York, Chicago, or Washington DC.
  • GUIDED STUDY. Facilitated, team-based sessions focused on integrated cases.


  • LIVE INSTRUCTION. Receive up-to-the-minute instruction from the leaders in test prep.
  • 16-WEEK SCHEDULE. Access over 349 hours of lectures with time for self study.
  • CONCEPTUAL LECTURES. Warm-up for the core lectures with 24 hours of foundational lectures.
  • SMALL GROUPS. Expand your knowledge with over 80 hours of team-based learning.
  • ASSESSMENT REVIEW. Let our faculty provide expert explanations for the discipline assessments.
  • FACULTY Q+A. Get extra help with challenging topics during daily faculty Q&A.
  • INTEGRATION. Complete your prep with 28 hours of lecture integrating the disciplines.
  • MASTER FACULTY. There are no better instructors teaching these disciplines. Period.
  • Understand material through 55 hours of high yield video lectures organized by organ system
  • Accelerate your prep with x1.5 speed and cover the material in just 39 hours
  • Tackle a topic at a time in ~5 min lecture segments
  • Warm-up before lectures with 400+ questions
  • Actively engage using your High Yield Workbook.
  • Cement your knowledge with short exam-like quizzes (500+ questions)
  • Make it stick with clinical correlates, heart sounds and dynamic visuals


  • ACCESSIBLE ANYWHERE. Access the world's best faculty live online.
  • 12-WEEK SCHEDULE. Access 213 hours of lectures with time for self study.
  • DYNAMIC. Interact with master faculty via chat and online polling.
  • PERSONALIZED. Get your questions answered live by a physician teaching assistant.
  • SOCIAL. Get insider tips from faculty and classmates in our exclusive Facebook community.

This fast-paced online course taught by Dr. Conrad Fischer and a team of recent high scorers includes:

  • Complete Step 2 CK coverage in 45 hours (30 hours at 1.5x speed) - Mobile Accessible.
  • Integration with Dr. Conrad Fischer's top-selling Master the Boards Step 2 CK review book (sold separately)
  • Thorough review of 150 high-yield, exam-style cases
  • Over 450 images, 140 clinical algorithms, 25 clinical videos and 10 heart sounds
  • Step 2 CK online survival guide including an at-a-glance study plan


  • ACCESSIBLE ANYWHERE. Access the world's best faculty live online.
  • 5-DAY SCHEDULE. Access over 15 hours of lectures with time for self study.
  • DYNAMIC. Interact with master faculty via chat and online polling.
  • HIGH YIELD. Focus on the must-know material for the Step 2 Clinical Skills.
  • REALISTIC. Benefit from demonstrations of patient encounters and the physical exam.
  • PERSONALIZED. Get your questions answered live by a physician teaching assistant.
  • SELF-PACED. Instantly access and repeat content anywhere, anytime.
  • LECTURE NOTES. Get 30+ fully updated, exam-like cases and easy-to-understand differential diagnosis tables.
  • MASTER FACULTY. There are no better instructors teaching Step 2 CS. Period.


  • EXPERT COACHING. Receive personalized guidance with 18 hours of interactive small group sessions.
  • GET ORIENTED. Benefit from an introductory session and a demonstration of a patient encounter.
  • GROUP WORKSHOPS. Master effective communication and taking a focused history and physical exam.
  • PATIENT NOTE PRACTICE. Write an accurate patient note under exam-like conditions.
  • CASE PRACTICE. Warm up before your simulated exam by working through real cases in a group setting.


  • TWO FULL SIMULATED EXAMS. Know when you're ready with our full-length exam.
  • EXPERT STANDARDIZED PATIENTS. Experience deja vu on test day with our expert standardized patients.
  • EXPERT GRADING. Get written feedback on your performance for each Step 2 CS category.
  • PERSONALIZED FEEDBACK. Extensive review of the cases from your simulated exam with expert faculty.
  • APPLICATION SUPPORT. ResidencyPrep Consultants with Program Director experience provide 3 rounds of feedback on your personal statement, ERAS® application, and interview responses via our Application Support website. Four hours of On-Demand video explain every step of the application process.
  • SIMULATED INTERVIEWS. Get 3 practice interviews and extensive feedback on presentation skills via face-to-face video calls with Standardized Interviewers, actors trained by program directors to precisely simulate the interview experience.
  • LIVE ONLINE SEMINARS.: Program Directors are available for one hour a week to answer any questions you have about obtaining residency. Sessions run every Thursday from May through September each year (7:00 - 8:00 PM ET).
  • Master the standard of care in the United States in a safe, supportive environment using evidence-based simulations.
  • Covers 15 procedures required in residency, including ultrasound guided techniques and ACLS. Learn More.
  • NYU School of Medicine faculty demonstrate each procedure in small groups (~5 students) and guide each student to successful completion. Plenty of time is provided for practice.
  • Prepare with a comprehensive written guide including step-by-step presentations of each procedure.
  • Takes place over 2.5 days at NYSIM, a 25,000 square foot, state-of-the-art simulation center in Manhattan.
  • Ideal for Residency applicants entering any medical or surgical field.
  • Make your residency application stand out with up to 8 weeks of clinical experience
  • We offer a range of inpatient and outpatient opportunities in a variety of specialties.
  • You'll get an inside look at the U.S. medical system–invaluable for your residency interviews and ERAS application.
  • Excellent opportunity to make connections and receive Letters of Recommendations.
  • Strong communication skills are an important factor in obtaining a residency.
  • Accent reduction will improve your performance in Step 2 CS and residency interviews.
  • Students receive NativeAccent® an online accent reduction software based on research from Carnegie Mellon University.