Practice with Exam-like Questions

A Kaplan Exclusive.

The NBDE is a challenging exam. Passing means everything as you go through the process so you can finally practice your chosen profession. From the registration process to the long days of the exam, you're going to be put to the test on multiple levels.

You will need every bit of practice you can get, and our programs offer just that.

With our NBDE Prep, you receive comprehensive and relevant course materials.

Kaplan Medical has several options that will help you gauge how you apply your knowledge.

  • Take our Diagnostic Exam to assess your strengths and weaknesses. There is no better way to begin organizing your study plan.
  • Check out our Qbank for customized tests and constant personalized feedback. Our Part I Qbank features Testlets with interdisciplinary focus and clinical application.
  • Use our Subject Tests for additional remediation as you review specific content.
  • Take the Practice Tests to evaluate your pacing and stamina.
  • Utilize the Released Exams to familiarize yourself with the actual NBDE. The explanations provide added context and help you identify common errors and test patterns.

Thorough preparation means more than just reviewing content. Practicing with questions provides you with the performance analysis necessary to help you evaluate your readiness to take the actual exam.

Start on your prep today. See NBDE Course Options