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Get everything you need for the residency you want.

For more than 40 years, Kaplan Medical’s experts have helped students and physicians across the world prep for the boards and maximize their chances of matching into residency programs. If you aim to score exceptionally high on the USMLE®, you're in the right place.

The smartest and most complete options for every Step.

Our USMLE prep courses are specifically engineered to ensure you're getting the most efficient prep available in every form for every Step. We'll create a plan that works for your needs and execute it together. We provide live and video lectures, basic science and clinical integration, question banks, Step 2 CS preparation and much more.

The world's greatest USMLE® and COMLEX-USA® experts are all in one place.

Get access to more than 75 experts with 250 awards, 760 published research studies and 940 years of collective experience. Only Kaplan Medical has a team of expert basic science and clinical faculty, subject integration and specialty board exams. Our elite group of faculty will prep you for every USMLE Step.

Meet your personal medical advisor.

Before your course, you'll meet your medical advisor, a personal coach who'll prepare you for the journey to a U.S. residency. Together, you'll create a customized study plan, plan your applications, and assess your readiness for the USMLE exams. Schedule a complimentary 30-minute session with a medical advisor today.

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Kaplan Medical's centers can become your home away from home. Only we offer permanent study locations in 5 locations across the United States providing students with a place to prep and a community to learn from.

The best service from our full-time staff.

Our centers' staffs work full time, so you focus on getting the highest possible score on the USMLE Steps on your schedule. Have a question? They'll answer it. Need some application advice? They can help. Your Designated School Official (DSO) will also advise you about important policies related to your F-1 Visa status.

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