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No one said it would be easy—and that’s what makes your accomplishment so extraordinary. With the following stories, we celebrate your success and share how Kaplan helped get you here. Congratulations, we can’t wait to see what lies ahead!

I should consider myself as one of the luckiest IMG applicants because not only did I match into Ophthalmology, which is my favorite specialty in medicine, but that I will also be going to UC Diego for my Ophthalmology residency.

— Dr. Adeleh, Matched in 2017

I matched in my top choice, which was San Francis Hospital in Evanston, IL. I can tell you that was the happiest day of my life, the greatest thing that has every happened. I was living my dream and this couldn't have happened without the help of Kaplan.

— Dr. Francisco, Matched in 2017

I got matched into an Internal Medicine program in Mount Sinai, New York. I came to the United States and started preparing for the exam (USMLE) and I got very good scores and it is because of the resources I used. One of the most important resources was Kaplan.

— Dr. Karminder, Matched in 2017

I got matched into Jamacia Hospital Center in Queen, New York. When I knew my match result, it was one of the happiest days in my life because I have been working so hard toward my goal of getting a residency here in the US.

— Dr. Nyein, Matched in 2017

Preparing students from around the world

Kaplan helped me solidify my basic science knowledge and gave me the confidence I needed to succeed on the test.

- Dr. Fortuna, Dominican Republic, 253 on Step 1

It was an incredible course filled with high yield material, tips for studying, and helpful staff. This combined with the high tech centers provide the ideal place to study.

- Dr. Torres, Ecuador, 261 on Step 1

The academic resources are well organized and up-to-date, with the new demands and format of the usmle steps. Also the emphasis in some topics is very accurate according to the high yield information tested.

- Dr. Torres, El Salvador, 256 on Step 1

I met numerous friends at Kaplan from many parts of the world who shared their studying experiences and methods. More than half of lecturers in the Step 1 Live course have a deep understanding in their field and good methodology of teaching. I was especially impressed by Mr Brook, Mr Britt Wilson, Mr Craig Davis, Mr Barone. The Kaplan staff are really helpful and friendly toward international students, which inspired me to some degrees.

- Dr. Phan, Vietnam, 263 Step 1

The instructors focused on high yield scenarios that would most likely occur on the USMLE STEP 1, giving strategic step by step guides to arrive at the answer, integrating knowledge and classic test-taking tools. Interdisciplinary bridges not normally established by students was also brought to my attention and made me think like a clinician and not only a test taker.

- Dr. Noginskiy, Antigua And Barbuda, 251 on Step 1

The On Demand videos helped get a wide perspective of the material. The live lectures helped me focus on the important subjects and also provided me with new information that would help me answer the harder questions. I believe this made the difference between a normal score and a great score. The qbank gave me the practice and confidence I needed to be a good test taker.

- Dr. Peña, Costa Rica, 255 on Step 1

I just couldn't have done without Kaplan Assistance. As an old IMG, I thought that it would be very difficult to study all the basics science that I saw a long time ago, but with with proper guidance and the Kaplan resources both aligned perfectly with my study planning so that I stayed on track and was able to achieve my scores. Once the content basics were strong, My advisor Dr. Tenzin worked out a plan that we mutually agreed and that worked wonderful in terms of strategies. That was important since it's just not how much you know but how you are strategized for the test day in terms of remediation, endurance, placement of break usages and how to stay positive. These are few of my thoughts of many that helped me score.

- De. Drummond Jr, Brazil, 254 on Step 1

Kaplan teachers provide the refresher materials I needed to know. They created an interactive online class and gave points which could only have come from veteran teachers. They also gave success tips at each lecture and answered questions. The med advisors designed our programs, and provided feedback. They gave you pitfalls to avoid and then depending on your strength and weakness they recommended an exam date.

- Dr. Owolabi, Nigeria, 253 on Step 1, 251 on Step 2 CK

Concepts and strategies of USMLE success are hard to understand initially. My friends still refuse to believe that a preparation for any exam can take months. Most of us don't realize the complexity of an exam when we first make a decision to conquer the boards, often being naive to the point of setting very unrealistic goals. Under the guidance of an experienced advisor, Dr. Gilda Noori, and lectures of Kaplan star faculty, Kaplan Live courses provided a comprehensive review of heavily tested exam concepts. What is even more important - they created an educational 'atmosphere', that provided mental strength and confidence needed to succeed on Steps. A productive balance of high-yield information, clicker quiz/Q-Bank challenges, humor and after-class social interactions helped to prevent burn-out and stay focused.

- Dr. Doroshenko, Ukraine, 253 on Step 1, 263 on Step 2 CK

Kaplan takes you from your current understanding and improves upon it. I generally was an average to above average student and kaplan allowed me to become exceptional. The professor's understanding and knowledge became my own and my understanding of the material makes me feel prepared for the medical challenges I will face in the future. The ultimate goal is to treat patients to the best of our abilities, sometimes the ideas of tests clouds us from our real goal.

- Dr. John Cherian, Antigua And Barbuda, 250 on Step 1

Kaplan was able to help me by preparing an appropriate schedule and detailed outline of how to prepare before, during and after my live online lectures. The outline included how much chapters or hours I should spend before the lectures, and how many qbanks to do after I completed the courses.

- Dr. Funes, Honduras, 253 on Step 1

Kaplan was vital to my USMLE Step 1/Step 2 CK preparation and provided me with a concrete basis to excel in all USMLE exams. The Step 1 Qbank was absolutely terrific and was an integral part of my study routine. I strongly believe that the Step 2 CK textbooks were a phenomenal, comprehensive review and made repetitive reviewing manageable. I ended up scoring a 249 on USMLE Step 1 and a 265 on USMLE Step 2 CK. I couldn't have done it without Kaplan.

- Dr. Khan, Aruba, 265 on Step 2CK

Kaplan Medical helped me understand all the material in an ultrastructural manner. I became able to connect all the material I have learned throughout medical school in an integral manner. That allows me to deliver more accurate and evidence-based practices in my everyday hospital work. It is truly beautiful to understand and apply the ultrastructural and biochemical behind the pathology.

- Dr. Murillo, Costa Rica, 250 on Step 1

Kaplan gave me the tools and the high yield material that help me understand and get familiar with the exam, this made me feel more comfortable and prepare to tackle the exam.

- Dr. Cedano, Colombia, 252 on Step 2 CK

Without a doubt, the Kaplan Medical course had a significant impact on my scores, but more importantly, it helped me develop a more profound and comprehensive understanding of the various fields in the basic sciences; and it is this, that makes me grateful to have been a part of the Kaplan Medical program.

- Dr. Rao, Antigua And Barbuda, 253 on Step 1

Without Kaplan Medical course, I wouldn't have scored that high. It helped me by creating a solid base of knowledge necessary for understanding and applying medical concepts during my preparation and most importantly, during the day I took Step 1. Every student who would like to take Step 1, should include Kaplan's course early in their preparation agenda and a final review in their weakest area.

- Dr. Compres, Dominican Republic, 250 on Step 1

If you are a foreign medical doctor and you want to do a residency in the US, Kaplan is the best way to begin your American journey.

- Dr. Ferri Abreu, Venezuela, 255 on Step

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