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Step 1 Qbank

Thousands of USMLE-style questions with full explanations of right and First Aid page references.

Step 1 Qbank includes:

  • Over 2,000 Step 1 Qbank questions, 1 diagnostic test and 2 full simulated exams
  • Exam-like practice written by expert faculty and reviewed by high scorers
  • Visually rich content with images, clinical videos and heart sounds
  • Full explanations; short summaries, and high-yield overview tables
  • Cross references to First Aid and Pathoma
  • 200 mini-lectures from expert faculty on the most challenging questions
  • Free Integrated App for iPhone® and Android™ for you to practice on the go
  • Need help with a question? Ask our content experts
Step 1 High Yield

Fast paced, on-demand online video lectures covering High Yield USMLE materials.

Step 1 High Yield includes:

  • 55 hours of high yield video lectures organized by organ system
  • Accelerate your prep with x1.5 speed and cover the material in just 39 hours
  • Tackle a topic at a time in ~5 min lecture segments
  • Warm-up before lectures with 400+ questions
  • Actively engage using your High Yield Workbook.
  • Cement your knowledge with short exam-like quizzes (500+ questions)
  • Make it stick with clinical correlates, heart sounds and dynamic visuals
  • Cross references to the latest editions of First Aid and Pathoma
  • Track your progress at a glance on your dashboard
Step 1 - On Demand

Access our full Step 1 video library featuring over 200 hours of lectures delivered by expert faculty.

Step 1 - On Demand includes:


  • COMPLETE. View over 200 hours of concise, engaging video lectures.
  • SELF-PACED. Instantly access and repeat content anywhere, anytime.
  • EFFICIENT. Accelerate your prep with x1.5 speed.
  • ENGAGING. Cement your knowledge with over 3900 quiz questions.
  • CLINICAL CORRELATES. Integrate knowledge on 30 most tested disciplines with mini-lectures.
  • ANIMATIONS. Grasp the most complex concepts with 20 simple animations.
  • MOBILE. All lectures are accessible on your iPhone or Android.
  • USER-FRIENDLY. Interact with content. Flag material, take notes and create playlists.
  • LECTURE NOTES. Get 7 updated volumes in print and ebook packed with easy-to-understand color images and tables.


  • MASTER FACULTY. There are no better instructors teaching these disciplines. Period.
  • DIAGNOSTIC TEST. Quickly understand your strengths and opportunities with 150 exam-like questions.
  • ASSESSMENTS. Know where you stand with over 700 exam-like questions
  • QBANK. Eliminate test-day anxiety with over 2000 exam-like questions and complete explanations.
  • 2 SIMULATED EXAMS. Know when you're ready with our full length exams and complete explanations.

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