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Candidates may apply and study in Kaplan International English's location while learning about nursing in the United States.

Study with Kaplan International English includes:

  • An NCLEX® Curriculum Review specially developed for international nurses
  • Assistance in the CGFNS certification process
  • Expert NCLEX-RN® preparation and practice
  • Expert English instruction
  • Personalized academic advising

How it Works:

  • This opportunity is exclusively for the Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission
  • You must apply with Kaplan International English for a 12-month session and meet its admission requirements
  • Kaplan Nursing will provide access to Kaplan NCLEX-RN® Prep for International Nurses during your enrollment with Kaplan International English


  • Interested students may complete the online form no later than 6-to-8 weeks in advance of program start date to allow for Visa and I-20 processing.

Program Requirements:

  • English preparation offered by Kaplan International and NCLEX® prep offered by Kaplan Nursing
  • Available to Saudi Arabian nursing graduates who have a scholarship administered through the Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission
  • A completed general nursing degree
  • A valid IELTS or TOEFL score
Need more information?

Request for more information about the Comprehensive Nursing Scholarship program.

Questions about the program?

Email the Kaplan Nursing Team