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Leverage your passion for helping others.

Network on campus

Use your networking skills and connections to build and strengthen Kaplan partnerships with students and clubs on your campus.

Share your own experience

Advocate for Kaplan by sharing your own NCLEX prep experiences with your nursing student networks.

Share on Social media

Leverage your social media networks to get students engaged with our free events, resources, and expertise.

Why Join Our Team?

Extra spending cash

You’ll get $15/hour ($19 CAD) while doing what you do best - helping others!

NCLEX Expertise

You’ll get a Free Kaplan NCLEX Review Program valued at $499.

Flexible schedules

With a flexible 1-2 hour per week schedule, you’ll still have time to focus on your nursing degree

A well-rounded resume

Your enhanced leadership, networking, and marketing skills will help you to stand out.