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In alignment with Kaplan's Purposeful pedagogy, Kaplan Nursing provides books. This allows faculty the freedom to use textbooks from any vendor, and because Kaplan Nursing’s books include only basic content, students have access to the most focused review that will align with what you are teaching or testing.

The Basics Book: If read before the respective textbook content or attending the corresponding lecture, this material should prime the reader for the most relevant topics and need-to-know information, which makes for more focused, active learning in the classroom. The book is complete with summary charts, tables and graphs, and clear illustrations focusing on basic nursing content.

Kaplan NCLEX® Content Review Guide: Students will receive the latest version of this material in their final semester. The guide is a comprehensive, 500+ page NCLEX® resource containing a study plan, test-taking methodology and nursing content sorted by NCLEX® Client Need Categories. Similar to “The Basics Book,” this text is designed in a high-yield content outline format.

Both the Basics Book and the Kaplan NCLEX® Content Review Guide are updated annually and available in ebook versions.

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