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Kaplan Nursing is led by a team of experienced nurse educators who know that nursing school students behave much differently than they did in past decades. Our resources were built with the non-traditional, non self-efficacious student in mind. Thus, Kaplan Nursing’s intuitive design is constructed strictly for student success using direct and solicited feedback from users.

In one study, we conducted a contextual inquiry in which we observed students throughout several levels of nursing school. We took into account how they studied, how they organized information, how they interacted with other students, and what resources helped them the most. Here’s what we found.

Finding: Students want to know what they should be doing and be able to track their progress.

Outcome: We made focused, measurable, and immediate feedback for students.

Finding: Students like organized and often color-coded information.

Outcome: We made our home page organized in clearly identifiable color-coded boxes.

Finding: Students are attracted to interactive multimedia resources. However, studies show that they remember the experience and not necessarily the content they were expected to learn.

Outcome: We developed easy-to-use learning resources to help students focus on the necessary content.

Finding: Students have short attention spans.

Outcome: We made all resources accessible in three clicks or less.

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