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Kaplan Test Prep has been preparing nursing students for the NCLEX-RN® exam since 1982, and was the first major company to do so on a national scale. Led by experienced nurse educators who attend all National Council meetings, Kaplan Nursing understands more about the NCLEX® than any other company. We work tirelessly to ensure that our resources are aligned to the most current NCLEX® test plan to ensure we best prepare new RN graduates for test day.

Kaplan’s NCLEX® review is the gold standard in nursing readiness. Focusing on clinical reasoning and judgment using Kaplan’s acclaimed Decision Tree method, we teach students how to apply their content knowledge to higher level NCLEX®-style questions. Just like the NCLEX®, Kaplan’s NCLEX® review course syllabus, content review guide, and question bank are organized by client need categories instead of systems and concepts, providing an effective method of preparation.

Our RN review program includes:

  • 21 hours of class time
  • Kaplan’s acclaimed Decision Tree method
  • 3,000 exam-style questions in the test interface
  • Online access to the Qbank, an online question bank
  • Access to Question Trainers – seven online practice tests
  • Diagnostic, NCLEX® Practice, and Readiness Tests
  • NCLEX-RN® Content Review Guide, a 500+ page ebook covering the content most frequently tested on the NCLEX® exam
  • Content Video Library with over 300 essential nursing content topics

To ensure the most NCLEX®-like experience, all Kaplan exams use the same test-taking interface as the NCLEX®, including identical placement of the question counter, timer, and next button that the student will experience on test day. The Kaplan tests are also timed to the same pace as the NCLEX®.

Kaplan’s advantage in preparing students for the NCLEX® exam is the Kaplan Decision Tree, developed by our experienced nursing faculty. The Kaplan Decision Tree is a clinical judgment framework that helps students critically think their way through the clinical scenarios presented in NCLEX® questions. Through this method, students conclude which answer choice will provide the safest and most effective care for the clients involved. This form of thinking is important because many NCLEX® questions will present students with more than one right answer; the Decision Tree will help them make a sound nursing decision on the most correct answer choice.

Additional resources in the program include:

  • Alternate question type Qbank (fill In the blank, select all that apply, and more)
  • Lessons on the Kaplan Decision Tree (critical thinking framework to answer higher level NCLEX® questions)
  • Full instructor access for students and NCLEX®-expert support to answer questions about anything pertaining to their program.

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