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Free Events for Nursing Faculty

As nurse educators, we realize how important continual education is for your nursing practice. That's why we are proud to offer you and your faculty recurring live and online Continuing Education events as well as topical and timely non-CE events – for FREE.

Taught by our expert faculty and staff, our events provide you with relevant information crucial to your nursing practice.

Our events are held in our Live Online virtual classroom environment, where faculty attendees are able to interact remotely by asking questions to other attendees as well as the seminar speaker.

How Nursing Students Study

From March 2010 to May 2010, Kaplan Nursing conducted a research project to determine how nursing students study and better understand best study practices to help them be more successful in nursing school. The purpose of this whitepaper, written by Dr. Susan Sanders, Vice-President of Kaplan Nursing, is to discuss the various study methods of nursing students and the implications for faculty to help students improve their study habits.

How Nursing Students Study PDF
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