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Core Features

Kaplan offers nursing schools a truly unique experience. Our team of nurse educators takes a specialized approach to learning centered around critical thinking and remediation to deliver measurable results with exceptional service.

Secure, valid tests predict both nursing school and NCLEX® success

  •  Admissions Test - Built to evaluate basic reading, writing, math and science knowledge
  •  End-of-Course Benchmark Tests - Available either standard or customized to fit into your curriculum
  •  Exit Tests - Built to be predictive of NCLEX® success

Detailed reporting helps your students and faculty identify knowledge gaps.

Individual Reports for Students

  • Track answer changes and time used to answer each question
  • Include percentile rank compared to national norm group and total percent correct
  • Indicate percentage correct by category: Level of question difficulty, Nursing process, Clinical concepts, Demographics, and the NCLEX-RN® test plan blueprint
  • Accessible conveniently on each student's home page

Aggregate Reports for Faculty and Administrators

Compare cohort performance across specific performance measures

Record time spent on remediation by cohort and individual student

Indicate for both the cohort and the individual student percentage correct by:

  • Level of question difficulty
  • Nursing process
  • Clinical concepts
  • Demographics
  • NCLEX-RN® test plan blueprint

Allow for customization of aggregate reports

Allow for data to be easily exported to Excel for accreditation reports

Robust, purposeful remediation tools teach critical thinking and drive results.

Online Remediation Explanations

  • Engage your students in continual assessment for steady improvement
  • Available for all questions, not just those that students answer incorrectly
  • Access video lectures that review over 900 topics. Lectures are “voiceover PowerPoint” in keeping with educational theory (Mayer’s Principles for Designing Effective Instructional Multimedia Materials) that students learn best from two channels of multimedia presentation

Online Focused Review Practice Tests

  • Include detailed explanations for additional review
  • Organized by topic so students can target the material they want to review

Online Case Studies

  • Enhance decision-making skills through interactions with realistic clinical situations
  • Help students apply nursing content to realistic clinical practice

Online Nursing Skills Modules

Twenty featured videos developed by Payne Bolton School of Nursing at Case Western. Topics include:

  • Bathing a Client
  • Making an occupied bed
  • Making an unoccupied bed
  • Straight Catheter Insertion (male)
  • Foley Catheter Insertion (female)
  • Oxygen via Nasal Cannula
  • Oxygen via Simple Face Mask
  • Oxygen via Partial Re-Breathing Mask
  • Oxygen via Non-Re-Breathing Mask
  • Oxygen via Venturi Mask
  • Oxygen via Trach Collar
  • Oxygen via Bag Valve Mask
  • Therapeutic Back Rub
  • Moving a Client
  • Handwashing
  • Sterile Gloving
  • NG Tube Insertion
  • Sterile Dressing
  • Obtaining Vital Signs (T, P, R, BP)
  • Providing Tube Feeding

Kaplan Nursing: The Basics e-Book

  • Reviews basic nursing content with 500+ pages of easy-to-understand outlines, tables and graphs
  • Helps students prepare for textbook reading assignments and tests
Nursing Skills Video

Watch a sample video of Kaplan Essential Nursing Skills: Oxygen via Nasal Cannula

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Nursing Skills Videos PDF
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"We've used different programs in the past, and this is so easy. This is almost too good to be true. It's so easy for the students, it's so easy for the faculty, and everything is so accessible. We're very, very happy. We've had very good success with it."

Lisa Maloy RN, MSN, CNS
Assistant Director of Nursing
Grossmont College of Nursing, El Cajon California

NCLEX-RN® Review Resources

Comprehensive NCLEX-RN® Exam Review Course for students teaches clinical reasoning techniques crucial for NCLEX® success.

21 hours of classroom instruction taught by one of our expert nurse educators walks students through Kaplan's acclaimed Decision Tree and the clinical reasoning skills needed for NCLEX® success.

Diagnostic, NCLEX® Practice and Readiness Tests evaluate levels of preparedness and predict NCLEX® success.

7 online Question Trainer practice tests designed in the test interface for a realistic testing experience.

Over 3,000 exam-style questions including our NCLEX-RN® Qbank with practice questions to build custom tests and track performance. Designed in the test interface for a realistic testing experience.

Content Video Library with over 300 essential nursing content topics for extra review where students need it most.

Kaplan NCLEX-RN® Content Review Guide covers the content most frequently tested on the NCLEX-RN® Exam.

We also offer our comprehensive NCLEX-RN® review as a stand-alone product for your nursing school. Click here to learn more about our NCLEX-RN® review courses.


We personally assign your faculty an expert Kaplan nursing consultant to help you seamlessly integrate our material into your curriculum with a customized program built to your needs. Your consultant will be there with you every step of the way to help you make the transition as smooth as possible.

What you need, we deliver.

You need: A program customized to meet your institution's needs

We deliver: A testing platform that accommodates both traditional and concept-based curriculums with customized, secure tests

You need: Focused, easy-to-use review and specialty tests

We deliver: A competency-based question format with the ability to search for questions and remediations by topic

You need: Educational materials made accessible to the broadest range of students

We deliver: Our Plain English for Nurses component that supports higher level question interpretation for EAL students

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Plain English for Nurses PDF

Download the Plain English for Nurses PDF.

Kaplan Integrated Testing - Seamless Integration

Dr. Susan Sanders, Vice President of Kaplan Nursing, explains how our products integrate into your curriculum.


We are honored to be able to provide you and your faculty the best service, hands down. A dedicated Kaplan Service Specialist is always nearby to provide direct support to our partners by:

  • Coordinating communication to and responses from various Kaplan team members
  • Facilitating book orders, class requests and reporting required for program delivery
  • Ensuring timely and accurate invoicing for both institutional and student-pay
  • schools
  • Coordinating (and presenting, when needed) student orientation sessions
Kaplan Integrated Testing - Service is our Specialty

Dr. Susan Sanders, Vice President of Kaplan Nursing, explains how our Service Specialists make it easy for you.

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"The service specialists and I work to provide proactive service and guidance to our partner nursing schools to make sure they have the tools they need to support their students. Whether scheduling the NCLEX® Review classes or providing faculty training, we are available daily to answer questions and provide assistance to faculty when needed."

Kristen Nichols
Nursing Service Manager, Kaplan Nursing

Competitive Pricing

We offer a competitive price point lower than the competition. Contact your local Kaplan Integrated Testing representative to discuss how our Benchmark Testing products and NCLEX® review courses can help benefit your students, your faculty and your school.

Kaplan Integrated Testing - By Nurses, For Nurses

Dr. Susan Sanders, Vice President of Kaplan Nursing, explains what sets us apart from the competition