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Test Customization

Kaplan Nursing’s end-of-course tests are nationally normed and tagged for QSEN and common accreditation categories. Because they are standardized tests, reports will still show an accurate snapshot of how your students are performing compared to the normed cohort with over 140 trackable ear-marked items to each question. Percentile rankings and full reports are generated immediately upon completion of each test, which will make it possible for you to measure student outcomes at an individual, cohort, or program level. If after examining the test blueprint your faculty determine that the standard Kaplan Integrated Tests differ greatly from your course content, we can customize one end-of-course test for each of your courses. Please note that while a customized test does include reporting, it does not include national norming or percentile rankings, as it is only relevant to the test content approved by your faculty and taken by students at your school. We encourage schools to discuss any blueprint questions with their assigned Kaplan Faculty Nurse Consultant.

Sample Image:

nursing ed sample test customization and security image

Test Security

We are serious about the security of benchmarked tests. Each test must be administered in a proctored setting, and the results are time-stamped. We can set the test to your particular IP address to ensure that it is taken on a particular day at a specified time and location. To meet the changing technological landscape, we are constantly striving to improve the validity and integrity of the results you receive to meet your program’s objectives.

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