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Throughout 2020 we’re providing leadership and development training for a select group of nurse educators chosen through a peer-nomination process. Our mentees join monthly interactive virtual meetings with the Kaplan Nursing Team to discuss topics such as curriculum development, trends in teaching, preparing for Next Generation NCLEX, overcoming professional challenges, and more. 

I applied to this program hoping to get guidance in an area I had been lacking, a professional mentor in academia, and that’s exactly what I have found... 2020 has been difficult for us all and I have been trying to reach out to more people who impact my life and make it more positive. So thank you!

Megan Lynch, MSN
Clinical Instructor and Kaplan Year of the Nurse Mentee

I would like to start off by saying how much I enjoy our virtual sessions. I always feel refreshed and inspired after our meetings. You are the BEST listener and always give such sound & helpful advice & help me think outside the box.

Ekaterina Smith, MSN, RN-BC, CMSRN
BSN Nursing Instructor and Kaplan Year of the Nurse Mentee

Learn Alongside Our Mentees

We had thousands of applications to be part of our mentorship program, and while we were only able to choose a select group, we want our training to be inclusive of any nurse educators who might benefit from it. Each month, our mentors write an educational summary of the latest training topic.

The Benefits of Collaboration with an Instructional Designer 

by Rebecca Potter, MSIDT, MSN/ED, RN

“Faculty may need to change the way they teach the curriculum to their students and learn new technology skills and pedagogy in order to accommodate a new population of online students…”


Interactive Methods for Teaching Online or in the Classroom 

by Susan Sanders, DNP, RN, NEA-BC

“The goal of our first Nightingale Challenge presentation was to provide tools and methodologies to use in teaching future nurses, whether in-person or online…”


Supporting EAL Learners in the Classroom

by Dawn Marie Catlin, EdD (c), MSN, RN

“Nursing programs and faculty must recognize the need for inclusive teaching practices to ensure the success of this student population…”


Incorporating Bloom's Taxonomy in Nursing Curricula 

by Jen Moreland, RN MSN

“By incorporating Bloom’s Taxonomy into our classrooms as a systematic process, we help students to make these higher-level thinking connections early on…”


Exploring Learning Science and Gen Z Nursing Students

by Audrey Schou, RN MSN

"By taking deep dives into the science of learning, we are able to tackle the questions which have challenged nurse educators since the beginning..."


Early Remediation Leads to Student Success

by Karen Haidemenos, MSN, RN

"Many nursing programs do not look at remediation as a necessary component in their nursing program, but what ultimately brings remediation to the forefront is when NCLEX pass rates drop..."


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