You made it through nursing school.
You can make it through the NCLEX.

Since the passing standard increased in April 2013, a greater percentage of students are failing the NCLEX-RN.*

We're here to help.

Kaplan has responded to the test plan and passing standard changes and updated our review to mirror the newer version of the test by:

  • Increasing the level of difficulty of our course review questions to help you be prepared for the higher passing standard.
  • Adding more alternate question-style questions to the Qbank for extra practice with this style of questioning.
  • Placing more of an emphasis on the Decision Tree in our in-class review, because critical thinking and clinical judgment are crucial to NCLEX success.

Want more proof? Hear what these Kaplan students had to say:

"Kaplan was such a blessing. The Decision Tree was a big help as well as the Qbanks and Question Trainers. I have always found practice questions to be helpful because that is what the test consists of. My problem wasn't knowing basic nursing knowledge, what I really needed was a program that helped me dissect the questions so I could fully understand what is being asked and answer it correctly. Kaplan was exactly what I needed!"


"After utilizing all facets of the Kaplan program, and 100% of the Q bank, I went in and passed my exam with 75 questions, on the first try! I knew without a doubt I was prepared in the most thorough manner possible, and that wouldn't have happened without Kaplan."


Rise to the challenge. Study smart with us and be ready to pass the first time.

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