Celebrate Nursevember by celebrating you!

What is Nursevember, you ask? Nursevember is all about celebrating our new nurses. It’s our chance to express how thankful we are for all you do! In the days leading up to Thanksgiving, let’s celebrate Nursevember with these 5 reasons why you’ll make an awesome nurse.

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#1    You’ve got a funny bone and you’re not afraid to use it.

Having a sense of humor as a nurse helps you better handle difficult situations, comfort a scared patient or family member, and creative a positive lasting effect for you, your co-workers and your patients. Go ahead- get your giggle on!

#2    Your shoes were made for walking (and that’s just what you do)

As a nurse, you’ll take many more steps in a day than the average American… about 6,000 more, to be exact. So before you start your shift, be sure those shoes are comfortable!*

#3    “Positive Bedside Manner” is your middle name

You don’t need us to tell you how important bedside manner is in your career. An empathetic, attentive bedside manner is in your bones and tells the patient that you’re there to help. Your patients count on you to help calm their nerves- and you know how to deliver.

#4    You’ve mastered the art of time management

If there’s anything your time in school taught you, it’s how to manage a full plate. Learning how to balance classes, work, and a personal life has prepared you for managing the busy nurse’s work schedule. So that busy overnight shift coming up? You’ve got this.

#5    You know a smart choice when you see one

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