Pediatric Optometry

Like working with kids? Consider specializing in pediatric optometry. The AOA estimates that nearly a quarter of school-aged children have vision problems—problems that pose a significant threat to their education. From dealing with near- and farsightedness to more complex problems like amblyopia ("lazy eye"), astigmatism, and strabismus (crossed or misaligned eyes), pediatric optometrists can radically change a child's life.

Pediatric optometry is also an ideal specialization for people interested in doing community work. The need for optometrists who work with children is especially heavy in rural areas and urban centers where there is limited access to eye care because of location or poverty. The possibility of opening up a child's world through the gift of improved eyesight makes this one of the most rewarding specialties in the field.

A one-year post-graduate clinical residency is required for this specialty.

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