How To Evaluate Optometry Programs

Once you've made the decision to pursue graduate studies, your next step is choosing the right school. This decision will have a major effect on your daily life for the next several years and can influence your academic and career paths. Choosing the right school for you involves many aspects. Among the many factors to consider, concentrate on the following:


What schools in your field have the best reputations? Will a prestigious school really be the best one for you?


Which schools offer the specific programs in which you're interested? What are the prerequisites?


What's expected of the students in those programs? There are often big differences between programs. Will you be able to keep up?

Location and Size

Are you interested in moving to a new locale? If so, do you prefer a school in a large city or in a rural area—or somewhere in between? Which will serve your needs?


Should you consider public universities over private ones? What are the differences in the cost of living at the schools that interest you?