Preparing for the OAT®?

Are you ready to start preparing for the OAT? Here are four important facts you should know before Test Day.

All schools and colleges of optometry require candidates to submit OAT scores for admissions.

The OAT is designed to predict general academic ability and measure the two skills needed by future optometrists: Scientific knowledge and analytical ability. It does this by testing your knowledge of physics, chemistry and biology; your reading comprehension ability; and your quantitative reasoning skills.

The OAT is divided into 4 separate tests.

  • Survey of Natural Sciences
    90 minutes to complete 100 questions on biology, general, and organic chemistry
  • Reading Comprehension
    50 minutes to complete 40 questions that will test your ability to find the main idea, process information, and read and understand dense passages
  • Physics
    50 minutes to complete 40 questions on vectors, energy and momentum, thermodynamics, magnetism, and optics
  • Quantitative Reasoning
    45 minutes to complete 40 questions on arithmetic, algebra, probability and statistics, geometry, and trigonometry

The average score on the OAT is 300.

You will receive scaled scores for Reading Comprehension, Quantitative Reasoning, Physics, separate scores for the Survey of Natural Sciences (SNS) subtests—biology, general chemistry, organic chemistry—and a score for the entire SNS. The Academic Average Score is the average of all scaled scores except SNS. Scores are reported on a 200-400 scale; average score is 300, representing the 50th percentile.

Personalized learning is key to succeeding on a test like the OAT.

You are a unique individual with unique talents and goals—and a unique skill level for the OAT. It's pretty likely that you need to focus your efforts on different things than the person sitting next to you in your OAT prep class does.

That's why Kaplan offers tailored prep options and adaptive learning technology that give you customized recommendations based on your needs. Your prep will always focus on the areas that offer you the greatest opportunity to increase your score.

Plus, Kaplan offers the most comprehensive guarantee in the industry: Score higher on the OAT or your money back.