Math Help, now available for College Algebra

An innovative new teaching approach that helps your hardest-to-reach students succeed

Looking for a better way to flip the classroom?
Are your students struggling through hundreds of pre-recorded videos?

Here’s a better method:

  • Kaplan’s Math Help classes are taught live over the internet by the most engaging teachers culled from a pool of over 5,000 instructors.
  • We staff our classes with TAs so we can engage your students and answer their questions.
  • We run multiple sections of all classes at different times to make it convenient for your busy students.

How will this work with your existing instructors?

  • Let our instructors teach the material initially, working our way through your curriculum.
  • This leaves you free to:
    • Work individually with your struggling students,
    • Run lab sessions to work through practice problems,
    • Administer and review assessments.

How experienced are we at doing this?

We have taught similar Live Online classes to over 150,000 students since 2008.

Why do this?

  • Live instruction is more engaging than pre-recorded videos
  • Convenience of multiple schedules good for busy students
  • Online TAs provide anonymity for struggling students to get their questions answered

What does the course consist of?

  • 40 one-hour teaching sessions, taught live over the internet at multiple times
  • Follows standard college Algebra curriculum
  • Taught by our best instructors
  • Optional assessment and home study problems

How do we try this?

Algebra Help Early Adopter Program - we will pilot this method with your math classes this summer or fall and together, we will track results.

How do I learn more?

E-mail and we will set up a time to show you how this works and answer your questions.