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PCAT Prep Course

Starting at $ 1274 $1499
  • Live instruction covering all the content and skills tested on the PCAT.
  • 5 full-length, computer-based practice tests designed to match the new PCAT, plus a PCAT Diagnostic Test and over 2500 total practice questions.
  • 9 sessions with an expert PCAT instructor at a location near you.
  • 3 sessions in our live online classroom—Learn Organic & Biochemistry from some of our highest-rated instructors, who will use interactive lessons and animations to teach you even the most difficult concepts and question types.
  • PCAT Smart Reports™ — Detailed breakdowns of your performance, strengths and weaknesses, and personalized recommendations regarding which resources will be most beneficial to you.
  • New PCAT Lesson Book, flashcards, Review Notes with 16 pages of full-color Study Sheets, updated online workshops, quizzes, and section tests.
  • PCAT Prep On-the-Go — A sleek, mobile-enabled PCAT course available for easy prepping anywhere.
Save $225, use code: SUMMER225

PCAT Prep Course PLUS

Starting at $ 1674 $1899

Get Kaplan’s complete PCAT program PLUS a personal coach and additional resources:

  • Over $700 of additional instruction for just $400 more.
  • All PCAT content and Kaplan’s score-raising strategies for every PCAT section.
  • The most realistic full-length and section-by-section practice tests.
  • The best, most complete PCAT study package with books + online resources.
  • NEW in 2016: a dynamic online study plan that adapts to you.
  • Only with PLUS: three 1:1 meetings live online with your personal PCAT coach.
  • Additional Math Foundations Self-Paced Course ($299 Value).

Get started with this PCAT pop quiz, featuring five PCAT practice questions, to put your logic games and logical reasoning skills to the test.
After you take the pop quiz, you’ll be able to review the answers and full explanations to each of the PCAT sample questions.

This quiz contains questions designed to mirror those in the Logic Games and Logical Reasoning sections of the PCAT*. Students enrolled in any comprehensive Kaplan PCAT course will have access to every officially released PCAT (80+) and will exclusively use real PCAT questions in their practice.

After you take the PCAT quiz, you’ll be able to review the answers and full explanations to each of the practice questions. To help you in your PCAT review, the sample questions in the quiz are also written out below.