The PCAT has changed. Kaplan has you covered.

In July 2016, the PCAT will implement a number of changes to the test’s structure and question types, but don't worry! We've got your back with revised courses to prepare you for the updated PCAT.

PCAT 2016 Test Changes:

  • ADDED New passages, each with a set of four questions, will appear in both the Biology and Chemistry sections. The test makers had been trying out a few science passage-based questions previously, but these question types are now here to stay and will account for approximately half of your score for both science sections. You’ll need a strategic approach to handle these well on Test Day.
  • REMOVED The Verbal Ability section, which formerly contained analogy and sentence-completion questions, has been completely removed from the test.
  • CHANGED The Quantitative section now places more emphasis on word problems, especially in the context of algebra and arithmetic, and less focus on precalculus and calculus. All of the same content areas are still tested, but the number of questions you will see in each area will be different. You’ll need to be prepared to translate longer and more complicated questions into mathematical operations.
  • Due to the changes above, most test sections now have new names and timings:
    • Biology → Biological Processes (40 minutes)
    • Chemistry → Chemical Processes (40 minutes)
    • Reading Comprehension → Critical Reading (50 minutes)
    • Quantitative Ability → Quantitative Reasoning (45 minutes)
    • The Writing section has stayed the same and will still feature writing one essay in 30 minutes at the beginning of the test.

Why Kaplan for the updated PCAT?

  • The Most Realistic Practice — 5 new full-length, computer-based practice tests designed to match the new PCAT, plus a PCAT Diagnostic Test and over 2500 practice questions—all included in our In Person, Live Online, and Tutoring courses.
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  • Updated Study Materials — You’ll get the new PCAT Lesson Book, flashcards, and Review Notes book, which cover all the subjects on the PCAT and include 16 pages of full-color Study Sheets. Plus, you’ll have access to our updated online workshops and quizzes as well as our new section tests, which provide over two additional full-length tests’ worth of realistically timed and scored practice in more manageable chunks for quicker practice.
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  • PCAT Prep On-the-Go — A sleek, mobile-enabled PCAT course available for easy prepping anywhere.

Kaplan is still the only test prep provider endorsed by the AACP as the official provider for PCAT prep.

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