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Math Foundations - Self-Paced

Help your child succeed in arithmetic, algebra and geometry with our new online Math Foundations - Self-Paced course. Math Foundations will help your student conquer high school math and be confident going into preparation for the PSAT, SAT and ACT.

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What Makes Math Foundations Unique?

  • 27 online lessons-on-demand with expert teachers–7.5 total hours
  • 400+ practice questions
  • Online course book
  • 6 months of access

What's Covered in Math Foundations

  • Arithmetic: ratios, percentages, averages, powers and roots
  • Algebra: linear and quadratic equations, inequalities and symbolism
  • Geometry: lines, angles, triangles, circles and quadrilaterals

Note: Because this course covers math topics and not the tests, it does not include any SAT or ACT practice tests. Math Foundations does not qualify for Kaplan’s Higher Score Guarantee.